Merlin Beach

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Schließt bald: 23:00
Meeresfrüchte, Mediterran
Durchschnittspreis: RON 105-211
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Plaja El Comandante
Mamaia-Sat, Kreis Constanța, Rumänien
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Dieses Restaurant bietet euch tolle Gerichte der mediterranen Küche. Aber Merlin Beach kam auf die Foursquare-Bewertungsliste und wurde unterdurchschnittlich bewertet.

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Scump pentru o terasă în care nu pare că s-a investit. Am avut o mică diaree de la rapane...Deci, mâncați altceva.
i was there on 09 sept 2017 at late afternoon to eat something. i sit down outside at onr table and wanted to order something. nobody care about me .. even the time there wasnt much people. after around 30 min, 1 guy come along and told me that tgey not serve to people wirhout shirt. ok ... i put out my shirt from the bag and yes ... i got the menu card. i wonder why this people are not able to write down rheir rules in english somewhere. on the next day i thought to go back to this place in the morning to take some chair in front of the beach and later to eat something again.... because i liked the fish dishes. so ... i put my towels on an chaor which was free ... 1 of 50 free chairs maybe. after around 20 min ... 1 guy come alobg and told me that this place is reservey. so jesus ... why he not told me from start or put some reservation notice there ? again and again .... thoose people wsntry to make some business but they are not prepared with their ubderstanding of threating people. i wish the cooking guys in the kitchen all the best ... they make their job well.
Se fumeaza in interior ;( si nu au garnitura, nu fac orez nici cartofi nimik. O spelunca ordinara cu preturi umflate
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Plaja El Comandante, Mamaia-Sat, Kreis Constanța, Rumänien
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