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Price range per person 59-130 €
Lungotevere delle Armi, 23, ROM
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ROM, Latium, Italien

Wenn ihr euch an Fontana Dea Roma erinnern wollt, komm zuerst in dieser Bar. Wenn ihr die italienische Küche mögt, kommt in Enoteca la Torre. Bestellt gutes Tempura, schmackhaften Zitronenrisotto und besonders gute Foie Ravioli. Hier könnt ihr perfekt zubereitenes Gelato, gut zubereitete Crème Brûlée und gutes Tiramisu probieren.

Die Weinliste ist vielseitig, damit jeder Besucher etwas Passendes für seinen Geschmack finden kann. Dieser Ort bietet eine Auswahl von schmackhafter Limonade. Die guten Bewertungen dieses Lokals wäre unmöglich ohne das kreative Personal. Es ist immer ein Vergnügen, sich hier auszuruhen und zu essen aufgrund von der fabelhaften Bedienung. Die attraktiven Preise sprechen für diese Bar. Ihr werdet das außergewöhnliche Dekor und die lauschige Atmosphäre von Enoteca la Torre schätzen. Es ist ein Michelin-Stern-Restaurant, und diese Auszeichnung wird normalerweise für großartige Mahlzeiten vergeben.

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A jewel nestled in a garden reflecting 1930's epoca. The tastings were profoundly delicious especially the lamb. The truffles egg was by far the best I have ever had!The wine pairings were perfect! The service was of the highest level. A must experience for any special occassion.
The service was good and very friendly, but the food was definetely not worth the money (300Euro for 2people without wine). Half of the plates I received were not tasty. It was disappointing.
I dined at the “Enoteca La Torre” on a Friday in Nov. 2018. This was my first visit at this restaurant.- Service: The Service was outstanding. From reception onwards I was taken care of very nicely, professionally and comprehensively. The team never exaggerated their efforts and I felt very comfortable in a very classic setting. I liked the overall atmosphere very much - which was perhaps not as relaxed as one often encounters in comparable places - but this felt quite grown up.- Food: The menu was put up carefully, I would describe the style as classic overall. The range of tastes was good, the amuses and the starter were outstanding in this respect. A focus was laid on dishes containing truffles (included in three courses). The level of all dishes and components was consistently very high, there were absolutely no shortcomings. The overall performance was very good and convincing.- Wine: The restaurant offered not just one or two sets of wines, but the wine list contained a whole range of wine pairings in many different groupings. I have never seen that before. I opted for a relatively low-priced set of wines and left the selection of the individual wines to the team. I found the wine pairing excellent: Most (but not all) wines were from Italy (from different regions). The wines tasted very good and were always very matching to the dishes. I would describe the wines as unrestrained and some even as opulent. By this style the elegance or the subtlety was perhaps put somewhat into the background. On the other hand, this style emphasized the classic arrangement.- Presentation: The presentation of the food and the components was very good. They presented many very remarkable textures (especially concerning the amuses, the starter and the second intermediate course) and several nice colour arrangements (especially the amuses, the starter and the dessert). Once a component was added to a dish at the table (the truffles, that were planed over the pasta). Some components even came in a sculptural form (concerning the amuses and the dessert). An occasional surprise was included. A pretty effect was achieved when an egg yolk unexpectedly flowed out of the center of a dish. The decorations were quite restrained, concentrated perhaps on the tableware. The proceedings at and around the table were remarkably comprehensive in a classic style.The presentation of the wines was also very good in a strictly classic style.For my taste, the timing was acceptable, but perhaps a little bit too fast. Moreover, I found some dishes a little bit too generously portioned.- Premises: The restaurant is placed in a magnificent mansion close to the river, obviously not in the immediate vicinity of a tourist attraction. It can be quite easily reached by public transport. The design is quite opulent, probably in the mansion's original stile. The rooms are very spacious, even in height. The spacious room allows for sufficient table distances.- Price: From my point of view the price-performance ratio was very good.To sum up, I would say that the restaurant completely fulfilled the very high expectations. I shall certainly consider another visit at the Enoteca La Torre when I happen to visit Rome again.
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Lungotevere delle Armi, 23, ROM, Latium, Italien
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