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Salad is a dish made with vegetables and greens like lettuce, kale or spinach with the addition of a dressing. It is usually served cold.

Sometimes it can contain eggs, meat, and seafood.Collapse

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Gasthaus Adler
Gasthaus Adler / Restaurant
#3 von 117 Lokalen in Hohenems
Jetzt geöffnet 17:00 - 00:00
Österreichisch, Europäisch, Zentraleuropäisch, Vegetarische Optionen
positive icon
... food. just get the daily special it comes with a soup and salad and a generous main dish.
Fenkart Schokoladen, Schlosskaffee
Fenkart Schokoladen, Schlosskaffee / Cafe, Restaurant, Nachtisch
#5 von 117 Lokalen in Hohenems
Heute geschlossen
Europäisch, Österreichisch, Vegetarische Optionen
positive icon
... and close proximity to the Thursday market. Had a nice light lunch of soup and salad and my husband had the daily lunch special.
Rosenberger Hohenems
Rosenberger Hohenems / Restaurant
#16 von 117 Lokalen in Hohenems
Jetzt geöffnet 09:00 - 22:00
Österreichisch, Vegetarische Optionen
positive icon
... self serve areas, with both hot and cold food and everything from salads to full hot meals.
Asiatisches Restaurant - Lemongrass
#6 von 117 Lokalen in Hohenems
Jetzt geöffnet 17:30 - 23:00
Asiatisch, Vegetarische Optionen
positive icon
... would have liked to have been able to eat more. We got spring rolls, fried vegetables, soup, salad, and four entries. Everything each of us got was delicious.
neutral icon
... busses stationed just 20 meters in front of me). The entry spring rolls were delicious but dry-dry, did not come with any accompanying The chicken and vegetables and rice were de
China-Restaurant Bambusgarten
Online bestellen
China-Restaurant Bambusgarten / Restaurant, Chinesisch , Cafeteria
#10 von 117 Lokalen in Hohenems
Heute geschlossen
Chinesisch, Panasiatisch, Vegetarische Optionen
positive icon
... You can start with salad or Sushi/Sashimi from the buffet, then all the nice Chinese food
Pizzeria Franco
Pizzeria Franco / Pizza, Restaurant, Italienisch
#12 von 117 Lokalen in Hohenems
Heute geschlossen
Pizza, Italienisch, Vegetarische Optionen
neutral icon
... a minestrone, they stayed veggies in warm water. The salad had too much vinegar to it, though the vegetables were tasty but I ended them there was still a lot of vinegar