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Die besten mexikanische Pizza in Reykjavík Restaurants

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Blackbox / Pizza, Restaurant
#169 von 908 Lokalen in Reykjavík
GeschlossenÖffnet um 11:30
Pizza, Vegetarische Optionen
... the Mexican Pizza (which is an unholy, yet delicious fusion of Mexican and Italian food, who knew nachos ON a pizza would... recommend this to anyone who needs a pizza fix in Iceland!
Adams Pizza
Adams Pizza / BBQ, Pizza
#364 von 908 Lokalen in Reykjavík
Keine Öffnungszeiten vorhanden
Found this pizza & grill just down the road from our hotel ... drink is basically double English prices)but the Mexicana was one of the best pizza s I ve eaten and my girlfriend loved
Caruso / Italienisch, Pizza, Restaurant, Meeresfrüchte
#110 von 908 Lokalen in Reykjavík
GeschlossenÖffnet um 11:00
Italienisch, Vegetarische Optionen
... cosy and food was good, we had the Mexicana pizza and the pizza sandwich, would recommend both.... The pizza sandwich sounds weird but is basically chicken pepperoni and cheese in a
Hlemmur Mathöll
Hlemmur Mathöll / Mexikanisch, Restaurant, Pub & Bar
#111 von 908 Lokalen in Reykjavík
GeschlossenÖffnet um 07:30
Europäisch, Mexikanisch, Skandinavisch, Fast Food, Vegetarische Optionen
... Choices include, tapas, burgers, asian, Mexican & pizza - basically, if you can t find something you like you probably need
Gló / Vegetarisch, Restaurant
#63 von 908 Lokalen in Reykjavík
GeschlossenÖffnet um 11:00
... while we were there we ended up getting the veggie burger, raw mexican pizza, and chicken wrap (they do have a chicken item available for non